Can I buy Ejido land(common land)?


   Ejido (common) lands have a long history in how they came into being. Essentially, they are similar to "commons land"; after the revolution, communities and peasants were handed strips of land, in the main, to grow crops on, and they are called "Ejidos".

   You can buy Ejido land, but the sale requires the agreement of the whole community that 'own' it, the process is arduous and risky. Some big property developers may negotiate to buy a big plot of Ejido land, with a view to "fractionalizing" it (usually introducing mains water, sewerage and electric to the land as well), to develop property and/or to sell off the individual plots to small property investors. Under these schemes, the land is often re-classified and made available for private ownership. The process is usually undertaken by professionals who understand Mexican property law intimately and the procedures can go on from a year to several years. The current advice is: double check to make sure that the land you are buying is not Ejido land and if it is, avoid it.

   It is advisable to purchase Title Insurance if the property you are purchasing is ex-ejido land (although regardless of the type of property, Title Insurance is a shrewd investment).

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